End of an era?

You may have heard that, this year, two of the greatest HP podcasts will be ending. PotterCast finished this weekend and MuggleCast will be finishing in August. But why? Why are they packing it in? Is it simply because they’re making way for a new generation of HP podcasters or is it because they believe our greatest fandom is dying?

Given that I only started listening this year I feel disappointed that they are finishing. It’s the end of an era for them but for some it’s just beginning. Personally, I hope the reason they’re stopping is to make way for new HP fans because everyday new people are joining our family. And, I kbow that our fandom isn’t dying. We grow stronger by the minute with conventions being planned, theme parks being built and fan fictions being written.

Which is why I conclude that it is the time for a new generation to step up and take the challenge. To become the next no.1 fan made Harry Potter podcast. I would do it but I think someone else should stand up and shine. If you have a Harry Potter podcast tell me in the comments and I’ll check it out and mention it next week.

Otherwise, lets keep the legacy going for now. Each day is new,



2 thoughts on “End of an era?

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