Comic books

So, today I went to the library to return some DC comics I had borrowed. After I had returned them I began to leave but then my favourite librarian, an utter comic book geek like me, called back: “you alright Bex? We’ve got some new comic books in if you want to look at them!”

Eagerly, I sauntered over to the YA shelf and knelt down to my favourite shelf on it: the comic book and graphic novel shelf. As I began to look threw the books, distinguishing old from new, the librarian brought out a load of graphic novels that hadn’t been put out yet! However, I glanced at the titles, noticing quite a few Batmans, and then decided they can wait till next week. Soon I had chosen a mini Batman comic and also an Avengers mini novel or whatever it’s called.

I quickly took them out and then rushed home to begin. I started the Avengers and am about to start Batman now! I can’t wait to finish them and will give you a super awesome review!

Do you like comics or graphic novels? Which ones are your favourite? Marvel or DC? Who id your most favourite character?



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